The imposing building of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice was erected, and never completed, on the design of Jacopo Sansovino who worked there since 1534.

The room on the ground floor is divided into three naves by twin columns, while on the upper floor you can admire a vast hall of 1000 square meters for meetings of the confreres and frescoed by the school of Paolo Veronese. In the twentieth century it became home to sports facilities and the hall on the upper floor hosted for a long time the matches of the Reyer Venezia, the town’s basketball team.

Conservative restoration work involved the freshly painted cycle of the first-floor salon, architectural elements in Istrian stone and marble as well as large wooden windows and doors.
However, some foundation faults had caused a series of lesions and cracks in the brick masonry that was consolidated with innovative materials and techniques, i. e. by reinforcement with basalt strands laid in mortar along the brick styling. This technique has allowed a suitable reinforcement of the masonry without replacing the original bricks.