Over the years we have carried out a lot of restoration work at Palazzo Ducale in Venice, thanks to the generous contribution of private sponsorships, including:
    • The stone vestments of the Golden Staircase of Palazzo Ducale, designed by Sansovino and richly decorated with semi-columns in marble and bas-reliefs
    • The seven fireplaces of the Doge’s apartment, works of art created by the Lombardo brothers at the beginning of the 16th century, decorated with splendid bas-reliefs.
    • The statues of Prudence and Tempest, works by Pierpaolo Masegni dating back to 1404, placed on the bowl in front of the pier of the Sala del Maggior Consiglio
    • The very precious original statue of Todaro, the first patron saint of Venice, whose copy is on one of the columns in Piazzetta San Marco. This restoration was followed throughout the world thanks to the positioning of a Webcam, which allowed those who wanted to follow it step by step through the delicate live restoration operations.