Renovation and internal refurbishment of the BZ2 power station and external renovation of the park at the Techpark technology centre in the former Alumix area in Bolzano.

This is an intervention of industrial archaeology through external restoration and internal renovations for the re-use of the entire complex. The fa├žades of the building are covered in brown clinker, interspersed with moulded frames made of concrete with a fake travertine finish.

The restoration of the facades mainly concerned the cleaning, consolidation and integration of clinker-coated areas. Particular attention has been paid in the market research of new clinker elements to complete the missing parts. The choice of clinker type and colour fell on a foreign supplier (Slovakia)
Consolidation work was carried out by reinforcing the clinker portions during detachment with injections of high adhesion colloidal mortar.

The frames and moldings were found to be, in fact, out-of-place formworks, into which the concrete of the structures was then cast. The same “formworks” are made of concrete and metal reinforcement with an average thickness of about 4/5 cm, while the visible surface finish is a fake travertine.

The intervention also involved the 1934 piezometric tower transformed in 2008 into a work of art by the Polish artist Mariusz Waras.