Lares – Lavori di Restauro – S.r.l. has been working for fifty years exclusively in the field of restoration and recovery of cultural heritage, intervening on the different types of works of art in stone, marble, terracotta, wall paintings and paintings on canvas, stuccoes, wooden and metal works.

The administrator of Lares is Dr. Mario Massimo Cherido, specialist in restoration chemistry, member of the Normal Commission, university lecturer and author of numerous important publications on the conservation and restoration of monuments.

Our company employs highly qualified and experienced personnel to intervene in the various artistic techniques, thanks to a technical studio made up of architects, conservatories and engineers and a large team of specialized restorers, who have grown within the company thanks to the practice in the field and numerous training courses that are periodically organized.

Fin since the foundation Lares has carried out an intense activity of studies and experimentation with the aim of preparing increasingly refined techniques to stop the increasing degradation of the artistic heritage exposed to the aggression of pollutants.

Lares is a trusted enterprise of numerous Superintendencies, Unesco Offices, as well as of important foundations and cultural centres in Italy and Europe.
Numerous are also the planning and restoration interventions that we carry out on behalf of private individuals, to enhance the cultural heritage throughout the national territory.